Update from El Salvador – by Dr. Harvey

Update from El Salvador – by Dr. Harvey

Hello everyone from summery warm rainy mouldy and rusty  El Salvador!


As you know I am checking on things in El Salvador this week. It is wonderful to see donations we have sent, in use in the Saldana hospital. Wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment.  While visiting the respiratory department I asked (as I usually do)what their needs were. One of the doctors asked if we could send them  breathing machines. Then to be sure we knew what she was referring to she went to get one “that somebody had donated” She returned with a C-pap machine. On turning it over there was the MEMO label “Regalo de MEMO Canada” (Gift of MEMO Canada). We all laughed when I pointed out that that was us. I assured her that in the next container we would send 5 more that are sitting in our warehouse!

Today was very exciting as we were here when the container with the mammography trailer arrived at the Shalom Clinic. (The ambulance container is still stuck in customs.) This mobile clinic was built by MEMO volunteers in December of 2012 and shipped in August of this year. It was a tight squeeze getting it into the container, and a tight squeeze getting it out but Praise the Lord it traveled and was removed without a scratch with a flatbed tow truck. The women here are very excited about the possibility of getting mammograms free.
At the Saldana hospital they showed us their brand new “state of the art” mammography machine, a Mammomat 3000 Nova. Teri the director of the Shalom Clinic was impressed that that is the exact same model in the Mammography trailer we sent.

Sorry no pictures as gmail will not allow me. I will be home next Tuesday and will send them to you then.
Thanks for praying and supporting.

I am impressed again this visit, just how important and effective what we are doing is.

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