Thunder Bay’s Generosity Opens Schools in Zimbabwe

Thunder Bay’s Generosity Opens Schools in Zimbabwe

This is the story of how one Thunder Bay woman’s generous donation opened 92 schools in Zimbabwe closed by Covid 19.The 150 bed Karanda Christian Hospital in Northern Zimbabwe is supported by Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity (MEMO)The Karanda Hospital staff in cooperation with local churches, sponsors Kids Clubs in the 92 public schools in the district surrounding the hospital, involving 70,000 children.

As well as sports, crafts and social activities the kids are taught the values of telling the truth, not stealing and caring for others as they come to know Jesus personally in their lives.

When COVID-19 struck, the schools were closed and the kids clubs stopped functioning.The Government has approached Karanda Hospital and told them the schools can reopen and the clubs resume if the hospital can provide a non contact infra red thermometer for each school to detect infection in students.MEMO received an urgent email from Canadian Dr Paul Thistle the hospital director. “Is there any possibility you could supply us with up to 100 infrared thermometers? ”I checked on eBay and a thermometer costing $65 in Canada could be sourced in China for $16. MEMO normally does not buy things to send overseas, but only ships donated material.

The next day I was “Seniors” shopping at a Shoppers Drug Store and going up an aisle I met one of our donors coming the other way (One of us was going the wrong way!). She asked how things were going and did we need any money? I told her the story of the need for infrared no touch thermometers. She reached in her purse and handed me a wad of bills. I asked her how much it was and she said she didn’t know and walked away. It was $1400 (Who ever carries that much money in their purse?) That evening with the addition of a couple of other small donations, I happily ordered 100 thermal thermometers from Yap Chun How in China.

They have already arrived and have been packed in one of 20 pallets being sent to Missasauga and then on to Zimbabwe September the 9th. Who knows, but that one Thunder Bay woman’s amazing generosity will mean Zimbabwean children can return to school and perhaps with an education and with Christian values of honesty and caring for others one or more may become politicians and bring healing to a country devastated by corruption, poverty and sickness. That is our hope and prayer.

If you would like to be part of all this, visit our Donations page today!

Submitted by: Dr Jerome HarveyDirector MEMO (Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity) 380 N. Court St, Thunder Bay, ON, P7A 4X1

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