The Miracle of La Presa is Happening

The Miracle of La Presa is Happening

Hello supporters,
I just can’t wait any longer to share with you the dreams that are coming true in the impoverished mountain side community of La Presa.
As you know MEMO working in collaboration with the women and men of La Presa have begun the task of building a new metal building to be used as a health centre/chapel half way up the mountain side. Eduardo arrived March 17th, hitting the ground running. Below are pictures of what has already been accomplished.
Poverty in El Salvador is defined by inertia, as the result of hopelessness,fear,shame and a feeling of being abandoned.
As you look at these pictures you will see hopelessness, fear shame and feelings of abandonment evaporating like the morning mist as the sun rises. MEMO provided money (from some of you ( there is time for you to be part of this!) to buy cement,cement blocks and sand.) They are not abandoned. The Municipality providing water and tanks to hold it. They are part of the community of Texacuangos. Gang members visiting the site, replacing fear with interest and support.
Men and women carrying cement and water, digging ditches for foundations, mixing cement and mortar by hand, eating together, sweating together, laughing together, there is hope. These pictures eloquently portray the miracle of what is happening in La Presa. PTL !
Pray hard for all of this.
Blocks,cement,rebar, and gravel arrive and  have to be carried up the mountain by members of the community.

Water and sand arrive and are carried up the path:

buckets Work2


The trench for the footings for the retaining wall to protect the building from sliding down the hill in a rainstorm are dug by hand and filled with concrete:

Digging trench



Concrete and mortar are mixed by hand, as blocks are laid, forming the retaining wall:



I am woman! I am strong! I am a valuable part of my community. I have hope that working together we can do what at first seems impossible!


Because Eduardo, the one in the hat, came from far away and shared his love from God, we will work together to make our community a place where our children have hope!



We are brothers and sisters, we are family, we are loved!


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