Spring into Beauty Fashion Show

Spring into Beauty Fashion Show

Hi all you ladies that live in the North Western Ontario Area.

Here is a chance to catch up on the latest spring fashions and all that stuff that women like including auctions of antique dolls and a 1960’s perambulator.
Also hear first hand one volunteer’s experience going to the El Salvador Clinic.
Sunday afternoon April 13 1:30p.m. in the Valhalla Ballroom.
See the poster below for details.
I frequently get suggestions for fundraisers for MEMO, but when I say that’s a good idea thanks for doing it, the response I get is oh no I don’t have time.
But Shirley DeWilde said “I’ll organize it. You don’t have to do anything. You stick to your work for the Clinic.” I have gone from some skepticism to outright enthusiasm for this event.
I think you will enjoy the elegance and fun of this event. Hope you can come!


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