Quick Update – Cuba Bound!!

Quick Update – Cuba Bound!!

Finally we received our D1 visas after 4 months of delays.
Fran Freisen and I will be traveling to Villa Clara province August 18 to 25th.
Fran will be creating a promotional video for MEMO.
I will be working out the details for operating the new mammography clinic and obtaining authorization
for shipping containers from the Cuban authorities.
Please pray for us to have patience and wisdom.
Tentatively we have set Saturday Sept 8th to ship the next container from 600 Simpson St. here in Thunder Bay.
It will include the new mobile mammography trailer. It was built to fit in the container with 1″ to spare on each side!
We still need the money for shipping. Someone has loaned us the money for now so we are moving ahead in faith.
MEMO is still having a huge impact in opening doors in Cuba as the country goes through large changes economically.

We are busy sorting, inventoring and packing medical supplies and equipment. We have set up a wheel chair
repair area in our warehouse and have returned around 20 wheelchairs to useful life so far.
If you live in the area and can help, give me a call.

We praise God for all He is doing through MEMO.

Ready for shipping!
Wheelchairs waiting for repair



Update: This email came in as a response from the update above:

Hi Jerome,

Last week I learned my sister has breast cancer.

My sister is scheduled for a lumpectomy and a check of the first two lymph nodes, followed by 5 weeks of radiation.

I was so happy that my sister’s situation was caught at an early stage through a mammogram.

It is through situations like this that I realize how blessed we are to have such equipment in Canada.

We often take such technology for granted, until it reveals something that needs to be dealt with.

This turn of events in my family, brought to mind the dedication we have to breast care in Cuba, the lives being saved and the families that will continue to have their loved ones with them as I will have with my sister.

Blessings and thank you to all the MEMO volunteers!

Sincerely, A Friend of MEMO’s

Dr Aurora Riera faithfully day by day with MEMO’s support demonstrates God’s love to the Cuban people by providing
high quality mammography for early diagnosis making cure possible. You can be part of making this possible by donating.

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