Project Update

Project Update

Hi Volunteer/Supporter,

Just wanted to keep you up to date with the part of MEMO (Projects) I am responsible for, so you can pray and give.


We have not yet heard from Cuba for permission to ship the container to them. We are now planning to ship a container to Zimbabwe in March, providing we can raise the $10,000 still needed to make up the $23,000 for shipping.

Paint Project

Thanks to those of you who have dropped off left-over cans of paint. We have about 12 gallons so far. They can use up to 200 gallons! We will ship this in the March container.

Sewing Machine Project

Our two sewing machine mechanics are busy checking and refurbishing domestic sewing machines for the seamstress school for older orphans. This will provide them with a means of supporting themselves in life. Thanks to those of you who have donated sewing machines, fabric and sewing notions.

Zimbabwe Tooth Fairy Project

When we ship the March container it will complete equipping ten basic dental clinics in the area of Zimbabwe we support to perform dental extractions and teeth cleaning. Thanks to those of you who have donated to this project. We will have the tools, anaesthetic etc. to care for 1800 dental patients’ needs.

We have been given approximately 84,700 18 gm tubes of fluoride toothpaste which used as a mouth rinse will significantly reduce cavities. (Prevention is better than pulling teeth.) Thanks to all of you who are taking boxes of toothpaste home and consolidating 3 cartons into 1. We have already processed 4 of 14 pallets.

Generator Project – NEW!

In Zimbabwe, electrical power can be available for as little as 8 hours/day. In fact, Susan Janetti just gave us this update: “Just for your information, for the last month, electricity has in some places been zero, most others, 3 hours in the middle of the night.” In the six rural medical clinics we support, electricity is needed to run refrigerators to safely store vaccines, run lights and life-saving medical machines like suction machines and respirators. The inspiration for this project came when someone donated a small “old” generator and we realized there are probably more unused generators sitting in people’s garages. Our goal would be to obtain six generators from 800 watts up to 10,000 watts. We have a volunteer generator mechanic willing to refurbish any generator regardless of condition. If you or anyone you know has a generator that is no longer needed, please consider donating it for use in Zimbabwe. This fits in with the MEMO motto of Jesus’ words, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matt 5:16

Ostomy Project

We recently received 15,000 ostomy appliances/bags from Friends of Ostomates Worldwide Canada (FOWC) in St. Catherines. Masked volunteers are packing Ziploc bags with a ten day supply for people living with ostomies in Zimbabwe and Cuba. These supplies allow ostomates to live normal social lives again. Thanks to FOWC for making these available and paying shipping costs.

Beautiful African Church Project

Volunteers are busy disassembling for shipping, ten 12′ solid oak pews from the closed Current River United Church. Volunteers are also emptying out the church kitchen of 75 place settings of heavy duty dishes, large cooking pots, cutlery, kitchen linen, large coffee makers and much more. Volunteers are planning the removal of the church organ, pulpits, piano, folding tables, stacking chairs and probably ten beautiful stained glass windows. Thanks to Harmony United Church and Michael Wesa for making this donation possible. To cap it off, they donated $4,000 to pay for shipping costs. I am sure it is a comfort for those faithful members of Current River United Church to know that their church will rise again in rural Zimbabwe filled with songs of worship and thanks to the Lord.

Many thanks to you, MEMO volunteers, working so hard under Covid-19 restrictions, to you who remember MEMO’s work in prayer, and those of you who give, without which none of this would happen.

Most of all, thanks to the Lord who continues to bless so many people through MEMO’s ministry.

Until next time if the Lord spares us,


The photo shows Don Austin in pre-Covid conditions, repairing an oxygen generator, now sent to Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.

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