Planning for 2023

Planning for 2023

The beginning of a new year gives us reason to plan what we would like to do this year and what our needs will be. We only ask for a knowledge of God’s will, and the strength and wisdom to carry it out.

In the spirit of transparency we try to keep you informed of what our plans are.

PLAN FOR 2023:

  • This year we would like to ship a container every 4 months beginning in March for a total of 3. With the cost of shipping so high we will try to make sure what we ship is worth more than the cost of shipping.
  • We plan to have a fundraiser in early fall with Susan Janetti as the guest speaker. (Founder and director of Zimbabwe Gecko Society)
  • We plan to raise $120,000 to pay for shipping 3 containers and the costs associated with preparation and buying repair parts and consumables. The contents of containers will be medical supplies and humanitarian aid needed to support the Zimbabwe Gecko Society as it develops self-sustaining communities.

We believe that true Jesus followers will be motivated to love and help their fellow human beings whether in Canada or Zimbabwe.


  • We will continue to look for a warehouse suitable (heat and light) to work in during the winter months and large enough to store everything waiting to be shipped.
  • We need volunteers, especially younger retired men in good health, to do some of the heavier tasks we face from time to time including shoveling snow at our trailers.
  • We are looking for someone to refresh our website and keep it up to date.
  • We need someone with computer skills to upgrade our computer donations to install more recent operating systems. This can be done at home. Tom Baxter now does this but we get more computers than he can keep up with. He has a system you can use for this.
  • We need someone with electronic skills for simple repairs to medical equipment that otherwise is useless.
  • We hope to have someone soon that can take over the medical knowledge part of MEMO.


  • I am one year closer to retiring (or dying) and Tom Baxter continues to take on more and more leadership responsibility.
  • I continue to do MEMO promotion through various media.
  • I continue to do the ordering of repair parts and consumables for our donations.
  • And I run a bank that pays for things up front until reimbursed by MEMO through the EFCCM office.


  • We need your prayers for God to guide us and bless us as He has in the past.



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