Packing Date of 60th Container for Cuba

Packing Date of 60th Container for Cuba

Hi Volunteers.
Our plans for shipping containers changes as about as regularly as traffic lights!

The Latest: Yesterday we received our EMED authorization number from Cuba : “216” so simple but so important.
So we now can ship the container for the Children’s hospital in Cuba.

But it has also been confirmed that we must have a “Pre Shipping Inspection” of the Liberian container contents in Thunder Bay so customs does not open the container in the Port of Monrovia with resulting “loss”
This means we have to delay shipping until licensed inspectors certify the contents. We are getting details.

Bottom Line: Monday June 29th, 9 a.m. at the LPH Warehouse we will be shipping the container to Cuba.
The container for Liberia shipping is deferred until further notice.
This shipping to Cuba involves a lot of small items so everyone is needed to help load.

This week at the LPH Laundry warehouse:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 a.m. we will continue to sort, pack and inventory stuff for shipping so we can use you on those days.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and help during these uncertain days.

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