Merry Christmas and Thank you from El Salvador!

Merry Christmas and Thank you from El Salvador!

This Christmas, Teri Benner the director of the Shalom Clinic, Amilat School, and Shalom Home was able to honour all the members of her staff by giving each one a Christmas present of a computer donated by MEMO. These 100 staff members work for about half the salary they would receive in the secular commercial world, in order to care for these children, the sick and suffering, and to carry out the HIS ministries. It was a small way to show the great appreciation we have for all they do.


But of course the donation really came from our donors, St Joseph’s Care Group, Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, and The Lakehead Catholic School Board who gave us the used but still useful computers. And then those of you reading this email, who donated the money to ship the computers to El Salvador. Here are a couple of pictures of the happy recipients:






You may remember last week getting an email from Eduardo Pulin our EFCCM missionary telling the story of the man who had only one insulin syringe to give three diabetics in his village their daily insulin injections. As North Americans we shutter to think of the potential problems this could cause for the diabetics. Christmas came early for them too. MEMO was able to supply and will continue to supply insulin syringes to these folks to avoid cross infection from one patient to the others. Below is the picture of Castro’s father who gives the injections showing one of his patients the supply of single use syringes. Again, it is thanks to you who are reading this and donate to MEMO.


As the year end approaches, and you are thinking of your tax exempt charitable donations, you can feel confident that every dollar given to MEMO goes directly to accomplish what you intend it to do.


Thank you







EFCCM Designated Gifts Policy

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