MEMO Project: D.O.L.L.s – “Dolls Offering Lots of Love”

MEMO Project: D.O.L.L.s – “Dolls Offering Lots of Love”

Originally the idea was to give Cuban children in hospitals a nice doll (for most, the first doll they had ever had) and have a Canadian pray for the child prompted via a digital photo of the child. For the first few years we were unable to find a champion to organize the program here in Canada, and very few people volunteered to pray for the children.

That has now changed with Charlotte Hutton taking on the task with a great passion and love for the children and to serve the Lord.

Charlotte has also expanded the idea by using it for an outreach to local girls who will learn to sew using dolls as the Club project.

Elim Community Church in Thunder Bay’s Current River area has volunteered to provide physical space, encouragement, and accountability for the program.

As well, Charlotte’s vision is to teach other home skills such as cooking while providing Christian mentoring and appropriate adult love. Charlotte says: With a 4-H type spin on it,  girls age 11-14 can learn to sew dolls for the kids of Cuba.  We will alternate a sewing project and a cooking project and ask if they’ve had any answers to prayer that week, etc.  These conversations will lead to a lot of interesting dialogues and I can hardly wait.  Elim will run the project.  I am going to mainly be responsible for gathering the adult ladies who sew D.O.L.L.s for Cuba as a compassionate ministry arm of MEMO Cuba and a helper for the kids.

Charlotte asks: “I would ask for prayer that the children,  ladies, and the mentors for the children would respond to this meaningful program, that our work would succeed and hearts would be blessed and the children will know that they are loved by us and  the Lord.

We need workers, kids,  and a heart for the Lord. (We have lots of materials.)”

Charlotte’s past experience indicates that many of these children come to the club hungry: “One of the stumbling blocks of previous Clubs was that the kids come in hungry, they want their snack first.  So  we will give them a cup of soup when they get to club and then they pay attention when we teach them to make that soup.  (Give a Fish or teach to fish).  Our first project is set up for the last two weeks of November and first two weeks of December.  Of course, these are the older girls from the three years of previous club activities.”

For those of you going on the Friday, October 14th. MEMO dinner look for the D.O.L.L.s display table and sign up sheet. Charlotte will be there to talk to and ask questions. You can also sign up by dropping an email through our Contact form.

Here is the schedule:

1.  D.O.L.L.s Project Sewing Day

Saturday November 5th, 2011

at Elim Community Church

260 Black Bay Road

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Lunch Provided 11:30 a.m., Free Will Offering Accepted.

All Materials/Machines Supplied but You May Bring Your Own If Preferred.

For Details and to Register, call Charlotte @ 622-2611.

All Ladies Welcome.

2.  D.O.L.L.s Project for Girls Ages 11-14

Make Dolls and Teddybears for the Sick Children in Cuba

Learn to Sew and Knit

Thursdays 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. flexible

November 17, 24, December 1, 7 inclusive

All Materials Supplied,

For Details and to Register, call Elim Church @ 344-3391.

Maybe this is the opportunity you have been looking for to make your life more meaningful!!!

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