Media Release: MEMO Miracles in Zimbabwe

Media Release: MEMO Miracles in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe preschool: toys, books, crafts supplied by MEMO.
Furniture made by students in the new carpentry skills workshop, equipped by MEMO

We hear a lot of talk about the environment these days. Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity ( MEMO), a Thunder Bay humanitarian organization, has redirected 350 tons of redundant medical and household supplies from disposal in landfill sites. This used but still very useful equipment filled 86 ocean containers over the last fifteen years and were shipped to Cuba, Central America and three African countries. 

Recently MEMO held a fundraising dinner at the Victoria Inn which raised an astounding $54,000 including a dollar for dollar matching donation from an anonymous donor. 

We heard miraculous stories from Zimbabwe where MEMO supports local Zimbabweans caring for 3000 AIDs orphans every day, providing housing, food, clothing, medical care, education and skills training for self-support. 

We heard how 400 stacking chairs and 130 school desks from a local school were sent to help equip a seven room school being built for orphan education. 

We heard how dozens of used gardening tools from Thunder Bay residents have been sent so these orphans can learn about gardening and growing their own food. 

We heard how teenage orphan boys are learning woodworking skills with tools donated by Thunder Bay people, so when they leave the orphanage they can earn a living rather than join street gangs. We saw pictures of sewing machines from Thunder Bay being used to teach teenage girls to earn a living as a seamstress. 

We heard the story of a home for the aged in Matanzas Cuba that has been without hot water for washing residents for the last two years. Now, thanks to a local Rotary club, a brand new 80 gallon stone lined water heater was donated and the elderly will enjoy the luxury a comfortable wash. 

We were moved by stories of ostomy supplies from Thunder Bay allowing socially isolated people with ostomies to return to normal lives. 

On and on the stories of miracle after miracle were revealed. 

Here is a letter received recently from the director of the Zimbabwe Gecko Society: 

“As you work we have watched miracles happen. It is a miracle for the people of Zimbabwe, who are overwhelmed by new hope and love. They are overwhelmed by people caring for them who don’t even know who it is they are giving up their days and work for. I know because each time I visit with a container load like this recent one, people ask, “Why do people in Canada care and work so much for us?”

I am always ready with the answer that it is love and compassion for others, “the love of Jesus Christ that says we are family and love one another”. Love is the most powerful of emotions. I am then able to speak about love and how a community working together can overcome much more than working alone.” 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF MAKING THESE MIRACLES HAPPEN, EMAIL MEMO AT [email protected] or see our “Online Christmas Gift Catalogue” which will allow you to donate the money for shipping a specific gift to these orphans. Gifts vary from $10 for a toy to $75 for a set of tools to $300 to equip an entire rural medical clinic. 

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