May 2011 Update

May 2011 Update

Here’s a brief update provided by Dr. Harvey, President of MEMO Cuba:

Last week 12 volunteers removed 8 complete dental suites from the Dental School at Confederation College over two days. I am always amazed at the energy and resourcefulness of our volunteers. The dental chairs etc are now stored in one of our highway trailers. A large number of metal cabinets,dental lights and xray machines are now stored in the basement of the Twice as Nice store on May Street. Thanks to the owners from the Christian Reformed Church for so graciously allowing us to use this space.

Our warehouse is fast filling up with the addition of 25 beds from Homes for the aged and many other things. Our problem is not, getting medical stuff, but finding the money to ship it (Hint/hint). There is so  much stuff in our storage that could save lives and relieve suffering if it was in Cuba. June 18 we hope to ship Container #42 if the money($8500) for shipping comes in.

We have two ultrasound machines arriving from Tampa Florida(go figure) and an anaesthetic machine and electrosurgical unit coming from Food for the Hungry in Saskatoon. These machines are needed and will be a real blessing in Cuba.

I have spent the last three weeks preparing a 35 page grant proposal for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The project would be to extend the breast screening program to the entire population of Villa Clara province over the next 5 years. This would involve developing one new clinic each year based on the model of the Placetas breast screening program. At the end of the five years an additional 100 Cuban women’s lives would be saved each year! Once the Clinic and mobile mammography have been paid for, it will cost about $20,000/clinic for film/year. If you would be interested I can send you an email of the grant proposal.

For every dollar MEMO raises, CIDA would match it with four dollars! The project calls for $1,200,000 over five years. Pray that CIDA officials would look favourably on this proposal. The result will be announced in September.

June 8th Dr Neety Panu, Chief radiologist at the Regional Cancer Centre and her research assistant Britt Bailey are planning to  accompanying me to Villa Clara to evaluate the present Placetas Breast Screening Clinic and to discuss with Provincial and National Health officials the details of enlarging the breast screening program to include the whole province. Dr. Panu was Dr. Aurora’s teacher last summer for mammography training. Dr Panu has an extremely busy life, so this is a great contribution to Women’s health in Villa Clara.

Thank you for remembering the above things in your prayers

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