January El Salvador Trip – Success!

January El Salvador Trip – Success!

Hi friends,
The team of 6 that went to El Salvador Jan 20 to 29th did not get shot or kidnapped!
So the release forms saying they would not pay a ransom for us were not really necessary(This trip!)

Thank you for your prayers for us while we were away. It made a huge difference knowing people were praying on our behalf.

A lot was accomplished.
Eduardo with the assistance of his wife Marta got the sophisticated telephone and communication system installed successfully.
Fortunately some young men from the youth home helped pull the cable to save stress on Eduardo’s shoulders which are quite painful.

Guy Wolframe installed a whole lot of medical instruments, shelving and other things that require installing in doctor’s offices.

Lori Owns from St.Joseph’s hospital here in Thunder Bay successfully organized and stocked the central supply room.
She also gave a talk on using sophisticated wound dressings we supply to 40 Evangelical Medical School nurses and nutritionists.

Fran Friesen as well as following us around taking photos and videos spent hours sorting through supplies.
We had sent boxes of needles etc unsorted to the clinic from our warehouse saying the El Salvadorians would sort them when they got there.
Well guess who ended up sorting them? We were being punished for being lazy at this end!

The clinic could now have doctors seeing patients as the result of our work. The lab and X-ray still have to be set up.

El Salvadorian standards are every bit as strict or more so than our Canadian ones.
One regulation that will make it difficult for us to find an X-ray machine is that it can be no older than 15 years.Pray we will find one.

I visited the Saldana Hospital, which is the hospital that patients requiring more care, will be going to.
There are many areas that we can help them with, indicated by our name “Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity”

Thanks for caring.

Guy Wolframe
Lori Owens
Beautiful El Salvador
Fran Friesen


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