Is This Ministry Really Accomplishing Anything of Value?!

Is This Ministry Really Accomplishing Anything of Value?!

As a supporter of MEMO and probably many other ministries you have a right to ask “Is this ministry really accomplishing anything of value relative the amount of money and work being put into it?” This email I received today answers with a resounding “YES” when it comes to MEMO. Thank you for your prayers, your financial donations, and your hands on work.


Hello Jerome,

This letter is a long time coming, I know it’s been about a year since you and the team at MEMO sent a container full of goodies to us here in Nicaragua. THANK-YOU!

I’m assuming you’ve put together some of the story of our difficulties to import from Wally, from Steve, and various others. Need less to say, the process to acheive this in Nicaragua was tough! But in the end, we did manage to get the (majority) of the goods here to our base in Jinotepe for distribution.

For your encouragement, know that these are some of the uses for the things you sent:

  • wheelchairs and walkers very welcome to residents of the “Sweet Refuge Senior’s Home”. Also great for serving seniors living with family in various communities.
  • the cleaning supplies, diapers, ointments, medicines will keep the senior’s home well supplied for quite some time!
  • the hospital beds are perfect for the seniors
  • the container itself is now our chemical warehouse, complete with ventilation and security against thieves and rodents.
  • carpentry tools – we were able to bless to a producer that we work with in our ag-development program who needed a career change because of a recent incident where he lost his left hand
  • the closets went all over Carazo province! They gift the homes of key personnel that we work with in various ministries, bless a classroom where they are used as library shelves, bless a little grocery store with adequate shelving, and again, great storage at the senior’s home.

Finally, the clinic. Thank-you for supplying all that was needed to outfit each room, preparing the rooms for basic health care in the community of La Chona. There we have experienced our challenges with bureaucracy! Sometimes the processes in the developing world are frustratingly slow — but in the end, the goals are realized.

Below are some photo boards for you to enjoy, a token of our thanks. God bless you for all that you do!



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