Fundraising Dinner Huge Success!

Fundraising Dinner Huge Success!

How do you define success of a fund raising dinner?

By the fact that the food was excellent?
That you met some new friends at your table?
That you were reminded of God’s faithfulness and blessing to MEMO over the last seven years?
That people have been challenged to pray for the people of Cuba that they will realize God’s love for them as their physical needs are met by MEMO?
Or by the amount of money raised ($11,000 after expenses were paid)?
Or that a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and said “I am a Cuban. Thank you.”

Well, all of the above.
We praise God for moving the hearts of His people to give so generously.
We trust that, though unseen, you will continue praying for MEMO.
The money will pay for container #44 to be packed and shipped Saturday, November 26th with enough left over to pay for
3 months of mammography film which we sent in the last container.

Blessing on each one of you.

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