Fundraiser Results!

Fundraiser Results!

Hello MEMO friends,

We have all been waiting to hear how much the October 18th MEMO fundraiser generated.

I am pleased to announce that $25,800 was raised. This will pay the $17,000 shipping costs plus $3000 for purchasing the container for Zimbabwe.

We had planned to ship the container in the spring but because our storage capacity was completely “stuffed” we decided to ship November 21st to make room for new donations over the winter. The remaining $5,800 will go towards shipping a container to Cuba when we receive Cuban government authorization.

This is an amazing feat, when so many charities are struggling to survive because of reduced giving in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank God for moving in so many of your hearts to give generously to allow us to send aid to our suffering Zimbabwean brothers and sisters.

Some of what we are sending is critical medically, like suturing materials and fetal dopplers to listen to prenatal babies hearts. Other supplies are desperately needed to meet everyday living needs. Dr. Paul Thistle wrote and told us there are many couples in his area (Karanda Hospital) who would like to get married but can’t because they can’t afford the costs, particularly buying wedding dresses. This container includes 17 gorgeous wedding dresses from a business owner here in Thunder Bay!

This successful fundraiser is another affirmation that we are following God’s will in not closing down due to the pandemic. “God’s work, done in God’s way, will not lack God’s support.”- Hudson Taylor founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF, Overseas Missionary Fellowship).

If you have not taken 10 minutes to view the outstanding video of MEMO’s current work please do so by clicking on the video link.

Thanks for your prayers and financial help,

Dr. Jerome Harvey

Director, MEMO

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