Financial Needs Pressing!

Financial Needs Pressing!

Financial Needs Pressing!

MEMO continues to receive donations from ultrasound machine(Manitouwadge)to anaesthetic machine (TBRHSC) to blankets from LU residences and much more.

Our two highway trailers are completely full, our warehouse is full and we have spilled over into the basement and we have at least a container full of
hospital furniture and equipment at the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital donated by St Joes Care Group. We have 12 hospital beds stored outside at a home for the aged here in Thunder Bay. We have office storage units being held by a local business for us.

Our problem is we need $9000 to ship a container asap. On April 26 we are booked to receive 10 dental suites from the Confederation College school of Dental Hygiene and at present have no place to put them. Perhaps some of you would consider helping financially with this next container to give us breathing space.

Only a month until our six member team leaves for Cuba. Dr Tim Wollin from U of Alberta will be bringing a lot of valuable urology equipment to teach prostate surgury at Placetas Hospital. Dr Struan Vaughn from Brookes Alberta will be evaluating dental needs so the large amount of dental equipment we have can go where needed. Wound Care Nurse Karen Parker will be teaching the proper use of sophisticated dressings we are given to ship to Villa Clara. She is working with a Cuban nurse who immigrated to Thunder Bay to produce a teaching CD in Spanish to be left behind for ongoing education Nurse Jean Enarson is returning to make a record of all the needs we uncover.(Last trip she produced 17 pages of needs!)

And to top it all off Fran Friesen of Thunder Bay is coming to record everything photographically for promoting MEMO here in Canada.

We are in the early stages of preparing a proposal for funding for expanding the Breast Screening Program by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). We are thankful for the help of George Epp in Alberta to move this forward.

So, lots to be thankful for, and lots to pray for, and lots of work for our marvelous faithful volunteers to work on. Once again thank you for your interest and prayers and support!

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