February 2013 MEMO Cuba Update

February 2013 MEMO Cuba Update

Some of you have been asking what’s happening with MEMO. It is always good to know people are wondering.

No word from the Cuban government about sending the mammography trailer or containers:  PRAY

The City has 600 Simpson Street warehouse up for sale. We are guaranteed use of it up until April 17th. We have 2 containerfuls of medical equipment in it as well as the Mobile Mammography Trailer:  PRAY

We need to  empty the other highway trailer at 280 Van Horne Street by the end of March by shipping a container from there. The two transport trailers have been sold to make more room for parking for Grace Church and the buyer needs them by spring:  PRAY

We have money to ship one container only at present: PRAY

We continue to advertise for tourists to take a small package of supplies to Varedaro for Dr Aurora. So far 6 tourists have taken stuff. We have enough supplies waiting to be carried for 20 tourists:  PRAY

The blood gas laboratory machine used at Placetas ICU is no longer supported by the Abbott company so it is no longer possible to get the test cartridges. A similiar but better machine is available from World Wide Labs in Kalamazoo for $1800 (New cost normally $8000) This is another need:  PRAY

Thunder Bay Regional Hospital has donated 7500 blood glucose test strips and two machines to use them in. These are used in Cuban hospitals for critically ill patients and will save lives. They are waiting to be taken to Cuba by Tourists.

Our volunteers are working away at repairing wheelchairs as well as inventoring and packing donations of medical supplies especially ostomy supplies.

An identical mammography machine to the one in the mobile trailer, is sitting in a packing case in our warehouse. It was bought with the money from the estate of a loved one and will be used in Santa Clara for the care of breast cancer patients.

I have been able to buy mammography film on EBay that normally costs $1.78/ film for as low as 25 cents a film. This is waiting to go to Dr Aurora.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. (I need them)


la fotoDo you recognize this doll? The booties were knitted by an 87 year old woman in our church! This darling little girl is waiting for someone to agree to pray for her daily. Contact Karen at 623-0533 to find out how you can be her “God parent”

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