Devastating News: 4 million Expected to Die from Starvation & COVID-19

Devastating News: 4 million Expected to Die from Starvation & COVID-19

I just received a horrifying report from Zimbabwe. There are a few people questioning why MEMO continues to operate when we have all been asked to stay home. The email below from Susan Janetti who runs the Zimbabwe Gecko Society, that supports nationals caring for 3000 orphans daily, 5 hospitals and 7 clinics, explains why.

We practice physical distancing at the warehouse and frequent hand sanitizing.

MEMO is now spending all its efforts to  have a medical relief shipment ready to go to Zimbabwe by early August. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST TO SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP IN A PRACTICAL WAY!


Hello  Jerome,  I trust you had a blessed Easter.   It is predicted that right now 4,000,000 are dying of starvation in Zimbabwe. (Zimbabwe population in 2020 is 14,800,000)

 [Jerome’s comment. When Covid 19 strikes a starving crowded population with resulting lower resistance the death rate will be devastating.]

So many people in lock down with no food.   People that live hand to mouth have no way of making money to buy anything and those that do are spreading the virus as they are not catching on to Social Distancing. Even the army and Police enforcing the lock down and distancing,  are getting into trucks with 50 people inside with no masks. 12 ventilators in the whole of Zimbabwe! 1 doctor for every 10,000 population! I am told that now the President is telling all, that a Prophet  is going to heal their land. No mention of God other than prayer.  Just that this money grabbing prophet is the one that will bring healing.

I doubt we will ever know who died of starvation and who died of virus.The government will not be able to admit to the numbers as they have no means of treatment.   No protective wear at all.   

Karunda Hospital is in great need. Zimbabwe hospitals in general are in great need but at Karunda there is more consistent and good treatment. People from Harare (The capital city) go there as their work is respected.  But of course that overwhelms the system  and they run out of things quickly. So much is needed.

Hope this gives you an idea where I am coming from in thought, but if you want specific answers to specific questions  please let me know.

I am amazed at your work and the volunteers commitment as you serve others in minimal space  and do it so well.

Blessings Sue

If you live in Thunder Bay you can volunteer hands-on at our Warehouse 258 Van Horne St. Mon, Wed, Friday 9:30-12 sorting and packing medical supplies. At those times we also will be building and filling pallets at our storage trailers to go to Zimbabwe (We observe all health guidelines).

If you are “from away” you can help us by donating financially. Visit “Donate” for a variety of ways to send your donation. After shipping our last 2 containers a month ago (cost $45,000) we find ourselves $10,000 in the hole at last count. We need your help to pay this debt off before we spend more on shipping etc.

And finally but not less important, please pray for MEMO and also our suffering Zimbabwean brothers and sisters in your prayers. The Apostle John in one of his letters said “If any of you that have sufficient, see your brother or sister in need and do nothing, how can you say you have love?”

May the Lord bless you and Keep you in these difficult times



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