Container #91!

Container #91!

It was another successful packing day for MEMO, loading container #91.

For me, in the time involved with MEMO, I am always impressed with how everyone comes together to make things happen. Everyone ‘rallies’ as it were.

Thanks again to all those who hauled truckloads of stuff, those who packed the container (Dave, Bevans, Paul) under Dave March’s able direction, heaved heavy boxes, climbed into the bins of bags to remove them, teetered on the edge of the ladder to tie up a hockey net at the ceiling, made food, tallied inventory numbers, cracked a few jokes and generally made a cool day warm.

A few pictures are included. They don’t reflect the many hands (of about 15 people, including some high school and university students) but give a sample of some of the things done.

Thank you all.

Tom Baxter,

Director of Operations

(for Jerome and MEMO)

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