Container #43 Packed and Ready for Shipping!

Container #43 Packed and Ready for Shipping!

It was a good pack!
A perfectly beautiful day and just the right number of volunteers giving up time from the Thanksgiving long weekend.
Done in eight hours, no injuries, and everyone had a good time knowing they were doing something very worthwhile.

"So this is fun!"

2 ultrasounds are now on their way to Cuba to be used in diagnosing cancer, heart disease and other painful diseases (from Tampa Florida sent by a generous mission organization). 600 gallons of renal dialysis fluid (That’s 3 tons of weight) – most of it loaded by hand in 6 gallon cartons. This will be used in saving the lives of Cubans with end stage kidney disease (from our local hospital)

Cardiac defibrillators,dozens of boxes of dressings and I.V. supplies along with a lot of children’s rehabilitation toys for use in the two children’s clinics we support (from a Children’s clinic here in Thunder Bay along with clinics, home care and individuals)

4 video conferencing units which will kick medical education and consultations up a few  notches (from far reaching northern Ontario remote communities)

Please send help the fork lift is stuck

And dozens of boxes of brand new mobility devices and home care supplies from a defunct Health Care supplier in Seattle via Folks from a church in Langley, B.C.


A total of 697 pieces, all packed with love and the prayer that they will bring both physical and spiritual healing to our needy Cuban neighbours.

"I think it's full!"

As I think of all the sources of the supplies, the logistics of shipping, the donations that pay the $9000 for getting it all to Cuba, and the happy, energetic,enthusiastic volunteers all I can say is “Praise the Lord”

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