CIDA Update…. and Our Need for More Dollars!

CIDA Update…. and Our Need for More Dollars!

In April of 2011 MEMO applied to the Canadian International Development agency for matching grant funds for help with expanding our life saving breast screening program in Cuba.
Over the next five years it would allow us to have a total of 12 mobile breast screening clinics which would effectively screen a million women with a saving of 480 women’s lives a year.

Unfortunately CIDA denied our request (the fifth since we began in 2004) because “…your proposal should have been better articulated:Sound Project Design and Integration of Gender Equality)
We will contact CIDA for help in learning how to better “articulate” what we are doing. When the next call for proposals comes we will apply again with this new information and hopefully be successful.
Because women’s lives are at stake we will continue to apply in the face of repeated rejections until we achieve an acceptable application.

In the meantime our MEMO volunteers are proceeding in faith to build another mobile clinic. The materials will cost $5000. The mammography machine will cost $7000. Then there is the cost of shipping: $6000. We are now totally dependent on the generosity of individual Canadians to see this miracle happen.

I quote Greg Kernaghan:
“Either someone failed to point out that their goal was “impossible”, or they simply chose to turn a deaf ear to such advice. In a sense they succeeded in the end because they didn’t know any better!” You can be part of this “Impossibility” by donating to the MEMO Mobile Mammography Initiative.


Our visionary volunteers welding up the chassis for the next mobile clinic, December 2011.
In Falcon village,Cuba, Dr Aurora arrives to begin a day of mammograms. Which one of these women's life will be saved from breast cancer?
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