Zimbabwe Says Thanks!

Zimbabwe Says Thanks!

Dear MEMO supporter,

Almost 2 months ago (Jan 20/24) I shared the disturbing news that Canadian Susan Janetti, the director of the Zimbabwe Gecko Society our sister organization that delivers our goods in Zimbabwe, 

was arrested handcuffed and held by police until she paid $1500 USD. Susan was in Zimbabwe to arrange the importation of four containers we sent last year to support the community programs she runs as well as the 6 hospitals and 11 clinics we support. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

She recovered and has been able to continue her work of getting all the containers delivered and ensuring the donations were delivered to the intended recipients. The last of four containers from last year was delivered Monday March 12th. See the short video of nurses at St Mary’s Hospital thanking MEMO for our support. You will hear them say that without MEMO their hospital would barely be able to function! We have no idea of the huge impact we are having to the health care system in Zimbabwe!

With this in mind we having been looking at how we can improve importing aid to Zimbabwe both financially and without distress. In the past we could not send the packing list to customs until we actually had the container packed and on its way. We have a new receiving agent in Zimbabwe and now receive preapproval by customs of what we are importing by presenting them with a list of what we will send. Customs will give us approval for each item before we ship so they cannot charge extra fees. (Pray that this in fact will reduce the fines.) 

It has meant a lot of work for Tom Baxter and Karen Parker as they list 1500 individual items they have listed and measured to fill the next container! Our containers now will be shipped to Karanda Mission Hospital held in high regard by the Zimbabwean government so this will help as well.

We haven’t heard yet the total amount it will cost for this last container for in-country trucking, crane rental, custom fees etc. but expect it to be around $10,000 CAD. The Zimbabwe Gecko Society has used funds needed for their community development program to pay these container costs. We don’t feel this is right so have pledged to pay half of all the in-country expenses allowing the ZGS to continue their ministry.

Bottom line is we need money if we are to pay this debt and as well send further containers. Can you help us at this time? As we look back over 20 years and over 100 containers, God has been faithful in supplying our needs through people like you.

Thank you for your generous love.

Jerome Harvey



Susan points out that even though the video specifically thanks them, everyone realizes that without MEMO’s contribution nothing would happen.

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