Your donation to bring HEALTH and HOPE will now be doubled

Your donation to bring HEALTH and HOPE will now be doubled

Hello Supporter,
An anonymous first time donor from United States,  who is aware of, and appreciates the tremendous blessing MEMO is bringing to people around the world medically and spiritually,  has offered to match
all donations over the next three months dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $5000 Canadian.

MEMO over the years has constantly been hampered by lack of funds to send containers full of life saving and life enhancing supplies and equipment.
It is only by God’s mercy and blessing that we have been able to do so much (70 ocean containers) with so little.(And dozen’s of faithful volunteers,bless their hearts!)

That is why this generous offer is so encouraging. If we receive the full amount over the next weeks,  it will allow us to send an extra container of blessing to El Salvador this fall.
This is particularly important as we face challenges as we go from an 8000 sq ft warehouse to a 1200 sq ft warehouse.
This will allow us to send most of the useful donations of medical equipment and supplies on to needy people far away such as Zimbabwe and El Salvador.
Otherwise we face the difficult and often painful decisions to discard things that we do not have room to store while waiting for money to ship a container.So now every dollar you donate will have double the value and double the impact in bringing Health and Hope to the suffering.
We received this request from Zimbabwe which is typical of the needs we meet.

Dear Sue
(Susan Janetti runs the Zimbabwe Gecko Society, feeding 600 orphans daily and much more. Jerome’s comment.) The electric wheelchair is for a friend of mine whose daughter Tamsin was born with cerebral palsy which is slowly but steadily debilitating her mobility. Helen’s husband died a few years ago very unexpectedly of a heart attack leaving her as the sole breadwinner, which she is coping with admirably but with very little in the form of any extras. She has known that Tamsin will eventually end up in a wheelchair as her one leg is markedly shorter than the other and this has put tremendous strain on her hips and her back and it is becoming more difficult for her to move from place to place. As Tamsin stays at home while her mother is at work, if she is bound to a wheelchair that needs to be manually pushed she will be bound to a single spot all day as her right hand has atrophied and although she has use of her left hand it is quite limited which will make it impossible for her to turn the wheels of a normal wheelchair.

In the light of all this we were wondering if it would be possible at all to source an electric wheelchair that Tamsin would be able to control or maneuver with say the use of a joystick? Tamsin is 27 but a very small build, probably that of a slightly built 15 year old.

Helen doesn’t know about this and we haven’t mentioned anything to her as we realise it is a long shot and a big ask from anyone. Do you think this is at all an option?July 29th this electric wheel chair (with a left hand control) will be on it’s way to Zimbabwe along with 20 pallets of donations from MEMO!

MEMO has no employees so every dollar you give goes directly to accomplish what you want it to do, – bring Health and Hope to the suffering.

Thanks for your generosity.

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