Thunder Bay Tourists Carry Medical Supplies to Cuba

Thunder Bay Tourists Carry Medical Supplies to Cuba


Travelling to Varadero, Cuba, can make a difference and save lives! Stan and Janet Roy are not your average tourist. “If you’re going on vacation, why not help someone else if you can?” says Janet Roy. On their last two trips to Cuba, they have done just that. They have taken various medical items for MEMO Cuba. “It’s very easy to do,” says Stan Roy, Janet’s husband,”Especially if you are travelling to a Varadero Beach resort.” Most tourists end up visiting the town of Varadero, as it’s quite an interesting place. For just $5 you can hop on a bus, for the whole day, taking you right by Calle 34, the street where you’ll find the Veradaro Presbyterian church. Here you can drop off the MEMO supplies. There is no problem taking these small items into Cuba. It is very easy to do. MEMO provides you with a small package that weighs less than 5kg. There is a variety of items that need to be transported. “It’s easy to take things for granted, living in Canada. When we go to a hospital, we don’t have to worry about clean sheets, or if the bandages are sterile. You hear a lot of people taking school supplies, soap and shampoo. This is great and they need these things, but taking medical supplies may save someone’s life. Now that makes a real difference.”

If you’re heading to Varadero on vacation, why not have fun and help others in need.

Questions? Check contact Dr. Jerome Harvey at 346-8170.

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