Container #96 success & plans for #97

Container #96 success & plans for #97

Hello all:

We can say with great satisfaction and thankfulness that after waiting since February for a booking, that a great success occurred Saturday, July 2nd with the completed packing of container #96.

We added up the names of people who came to help and came up with 33! Thanks for rallying to the call. Many willing hands cleared the church basement in a few hours. We cannot single out any individuals who served more than others because every person made an important contribution to the day.

Also, thank you to the Rotary Clubs of Nipigon and Thunder Bay who sent willing helpers including a number of high school students earning volunteer hours.

We are thankful that God granted us a day with fine weather, and once again, for all the excellent help.

No doubt Jerome may have some comments and/or pictures to follow.

Tom Baxter

….and from Jerome ~

Hello again valued MEMO supporter.

We have just heard that because of the chaos in the shipping industry, the ship for our next container has been delayed. We will postpone packing day to SATURDAY, JULY 16TH.

This gives us an extra week to raise the $10,000 needed to complete paying for shipping.

REMEMBER EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE WILL BE MATCHED BY A DOLLAR UNTIL THE TOTAL REACHES $10,000. If you would like to help, the DONATE button on the website will guide you through the process. Receipts will be issued for tax purposes.

The packing list compiled for the July 2nd container indicates that our volunteers handled 1517 individual items as we loaded the 96th container. WOW! Each package contains a blessing for our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters. Our volunteers tell me that packing day though tiring is a lot of fun and so worthwhile.

We plan to load container #97 on July 16th at 333 Morse Street; hopefully starting at 9:00 a.m.



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