Christmas greetings from MEMO.

Christmas greetings from MEMO.

We wish you a blessed Christmas season as we celebrate the first step (a baby boy) in God’s plan for our redemption.

It is also a time to reflect on what God has enabled us to do in the past year and plan for next year. At present MEMO’s main ministry is to support the Zimbabwe Gecko Society as it develops self sufficient communities in Zimbabwe by sending containers of supplies for their projects. We also send medical supplies to Cuba with tourists and we provide mobility aids (wheelchairs etc.) for people in Thunder Bay who have fallen through the cracks and have no money to pay for them.

In September this year we had personal visits from Susan Janetti and Dr. Ray Markham (ZimCan a charity dedicated to training Zimbabwean medical personnel). These visits allowed us to clarify many questions which will result in more effective ministry to Zimbabwe.

This last year we shipped 4 containers containing 40 tons and 48,000 individual boxes or items of medical supplies and humanitarian aid. This went to 6 hospitals, 7 clinics and 12 first aid posts in Zimbabwe. We also provided equipment and supplies for a sewing school, carpentry shop, welding shop, gardening tools, training Zimbabweans in marketable skills.

Zimbabwe continued it’s economic and medical decline as a near failed state with 1000% inflation and medical staff leaving in droves as they have no equipment or medical supplies to work with. Drought is threatening failure of crops and mass starvation. Many of the clinics we work with say that without MEMO’s help they would barely be able to function.

In the last 12 months we received $68,000 in donations including the fund raiser. It costs us $30,000 to ship a container from Thunder Bay to the hospital or clinic in Zimbabwe. The $42,000 dollar deficit was covered by 2 major one time donations. So we need money to keep running at our current pace of 4 containers per year.

We hope that as you finalize your year end giving, you will include MEMO as an effective, efficient Christian charity doing very cost-effective humanitarian work.


Jerome Harvey

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