Angel Truck Driver

Angel Truck Driver

On June 24th, we saw a small but very helpful MEMO miracle occur.

An inexperienced delivery truck driver arrived at the warehouse with a pallet of donated medical supplies from Lake of the Woods District Hospital in Kenora. Because a parked car was directly across the road from our loading dock entrance, the space was very tight to back in to. After several unsuccessful attempts by the delivery truck driver we were discussing the situation when a man walking by came up to us and said, “I’ve been a truck driver for over forty years and I can back that truck in there like it was nothing.” The delivery truck driver reluctantly agreed and the other man got into the truck and backed it in with no problem.

After we unloaded the pallet into our little warehouse we looked for the truck driver stranger to thank him, but he was gone! What are the chances at 1 p.m. on Van Horne St., just when we needed an experienced truck driver, one would show up walking by? Just another example of how God has blessed us and looked after our needs over and over again for the last 18 years. And thank you to that mystery truck driver and many of you who have allowed God to use you as a channel of His blessing through volunteering, giving money and praying for us down through the years. It is good to know that our lives and our work are in God’s loving hands.

In that regard, after 4 months of waiting we finally have a definite pack date for containers #97 and #98 on July 2nd and July 9th. As usual we need lots of help loading, carrying boxes, stuffing drawers etc. If you can help, please join us Saturday July 2nd and 9th at Current River United Church 333 Morse St. Coffee provided, bring a lunch. Come when you can, leave when you have to. Later afternoon help is appreciated.

We have the $25,000 for shipping the July 2nd container but still need $10,000 for the July 9th container. We have to ship whether we have the money or not as Current River Church has been sold. The new owners need us to empty their basement of our boxes no later than July 2nd. The second container July 9th will be filled from our two storage trailers in the parking lot.

When our storage trailers are empty they will be moved to our new site at the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital parking lot at the end of Clarke St. It is closer to our Van Horne warehouse, but washrooms are 7 blocks away at the warehouse.

We have appreciated so much the generosity of Current River United Church (now Harmony United) and in particular, Michael Wesa’s assistance from that church over the last 3 years.

Sunday July 10th at Grace Church you will have an opportunity to meet Dr. Paul Thistle and his family for a meet and greet at 8 p.m. Dr. Thistle is the director of Karanda Missionary Hospital in Zimbabwe, one of the recipients of MEMO medical and humanitarian supplies. Come and learn why 27 years ago a young Canadian medical specialist chose to practice in Zimbabwe with scarce resources rather than live an affluent and prestigious life in Canada.

And then, Sunday September 25th join us at the Victoria Inn for a pasta supper and hear from Susan Janetti, founder of the Zimbabwe Gecko Society that MEMO supplies with containers of aid. Tickets are complimentary but required. Call Bruna Bava for ticket information: 627-8123.

Once again thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of MEMO.

Dr. Jerome Harvey

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