A Much Needed Update

A Much Needed Update

The other day I was talking to someone on the phone and he complained he hadn’t had an update for a while and wondered what was going on with MEMO.
Nice to hear that some of you look forward to hearing what is going on!

Container #54(Sent April 17th) for Saldana hospital has arrived in El Salvador and is now being processed through customs.
Eduardo, our missionary at the Shalom Clinic is leaving Thunder Bay this Tuesday for El Salvador and hopes to help with the unloading at the government hospital of Saldana.
This hospital is the referral hospital for the Shalom Clinic and they are planning on working together for mutual benefit.

Teri the director of the Shalom clinic plans to take Eduardo around with her as she goes to various offices and businesses so Eduardo can learn the ropes and eventually go on his own. This should help relieve some of the huge load on Teri. Once we hear back from Eduardo as to where and what is needed in El Salvador we will know when to ship the next container.

Our volunteers have been busy in the warehouse sorting,listing and packing hundreds of medical items to eventually be sent to El Salvador.

One last new development. Last week I received a letter from a pastor in Mantanzas, a city  between Havana and Varedaro. The church is the same denomination Dr Aurora was affiliated with. The pastor has a husband and wife, both surgeons, active members of his church who are working with the local ministry of health to open a children’s ward in their local hospital. They have no equipment and so are asking for our help. We will see where this new initiative in Cuba goes.

We are still looking for a buyer for our 500KW generator.

Thanks for your interest and prayers

PS – Eduardo, Martha and kids need your support, both prayer and financially. Follow their journey here. Please support them here using Account #2-2631Donate


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